Let us learn an amazing WhatsApp trick that will allow to hack your friends Whatsapp conversation and read all their messages anonymously. You can see that you can read the messages and see profile picture in your WhatsApp even when you are not connected to internet and it also pop up the messages which you have not read when you were offline. Once the victim clicked on the picture, the attacker could have gained full access to the victim’s WhatsApp or Telegram storage data. That means you and the victim is using the same ID from different devices. Simply use the same procedure as indicated above to find your own MAC address and keep it in a secure place because you’ll use it later. Well, you’ve come to the right place indeed! Next, go to the MicroSD card or WhatsApp storage options (place where WhatsAp folder is located on the smartphone).

The first and the foremost thing that you need to do is, fetch your friends smartphone. First documented by security researchers last year, the security flaw has now hit the mainstream. This feature will help you to hide you WhatsApp last seen and even if you read the message, the sender will not know about your activity. The trick behind this is that all the messages are kept encrypted in the SD card of your mobile phone so even when are offline you can read the messages and see profile picture of your contacts. In this trick i will be telling you how you can read your messages offline with the help of MAC Address. You will be able to intercept any messages, videos, images. According to Checkpoint security researchers, the vulnerability resided in the way both messaging services process images and multimedia files without verifying that they might have hidden malicious code inside. In this trick you have to spoof your android phone’s MAC Address.

I have tested a couple of hidden spy apps for android and I believe this one is worth a mention. To ease the hacking process, spy apps have been introduced in the market. Hacking apps are targeting many applications for users who wish to spy on their loved ones. Additionally, no legitimate tech support member would ask users to provide their sensitiveness information, including the verification codes. The hack only affected the browser-based versions of WhatsApp and Telegram, so users relying on the mobile apps are not vulnerable to the attack. To make this attack widespread, the attacker can then send the malware-laden image to everyone on the victim’s contact list, which could, eventually, mean that one hijacked account could be led to countless compromises by leapfrogging accounts. If you fail on one person, move onto the next… “You – Hey, I got a reactivation code for my WhatsApp, did you get one too? The attacker can use your MAC address and verification code to access your whatsapp account.

Do remember, only when your friend is online, you can use his WhatsApp account, If he leaves offline, then you can no longer send or receive Message unless he comes Online again. Finding MAC address on an Android Phones On your phone’s home screen, click on menu, then go to setting. Minspy is a phone monitoring solution that works for Android phones and iPhones, just like Spyine. This hack works by cheating the WhatsApp Verification Servers by sending a spoofed request for an authorisation code expected for a different phone. Once you click to send the SMS press cancel to abort the call for authorisation to the WhatsApp server. Now you have to do sms Spoofing. WhatsApp now gives a substitute method of verification – Select verify through SMS and fill in your email address. NOTE: This method doesn’t work twice so know what you’re going to say and just go in for it. “Updating your OS, reviewing what data apps access by going into their security and privacy settings, these are excellent things to do to make sure you understand what they’re accessing,” says Carnegie Mellon Professor Yuvraj Agarwal, who recommends both increased awareness on the part of consumers when it comes to data sharing, as well as a stronger, more privacy-centric approach on the part of developers.

With this under your belt, nothing he does with his device will be kept from the vigilant eyes of the spy apps we recommend for your use. Apps like ClickFree are the best way to ensure that your loved ones are secure from WhatsApp’s ignorant streak. There are several on the market, but for this article, we’ve chosen PhoneSpector (a leading spy product). I’ve been there and I get it. You get full access to the victim’s whatsapp ID. While on its own the vulnerability does not appear to give the attackers full access to everything on a target phone, it could well be used in combination with other vulnerabilities to gain full access and control. This eventually allowed attackers to take full access to the user’s account on any browser, view and manipulate chat sessions, access victim’s personal and group chats, photos, videos, audios, other shared files and contact lists as well. how to see deleted message on whatsapp iphone