The most powerful and professional data recovery software for Android that can restore deleted or lost contacts, photos, videos, audios, SMS, call logs, WhatsApp chat, Viber messages from any Android devices due to accidental deletion, virus attack, formatting. Through this software you can read all the text msg, call logs, gps location and much more. The posts that you’ve already read will appear struck out so that you are not tempted to reread them. Which app will you install first? It weighs 10MB. So, if you have any issues with internal storage, you can give this app a try. Most WhatsApp sticker apps focus on a central theme like holiday, love, meme, etc. So, if you want to express a variety of emotions, you have to install at least four different apps. This makes it incredibly easy for you to access controls like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, torch and more. It’s the first week of January 2019 and continuing with our monthly tradition into the new year, we are back with some more new and free Android apps.

There was more than sufficient cause on my part and more than sufficient time on their part to make the smallest of gestures. How Can Yoga Make You a Better Language Learner? Finally, make sure any media you want to use for a presentation is on your local hard drive (on your computer), not on a shared drive, unless you like the spinning beach ball of death that is. None of them are truly amazing, and if sleep is what you want to track, smartwatches like the Fitbit Versa and Samsung Galaxy Watch do a better job of it right now. Start your day with Better Sleep and conquer the whole day. As a consequence, the bedtime feature inside your stock Clock app now boasts smart bedtime alerts and morning alarms based on your desired sleep duration. This month’s list has everything from a light browser to a fresh new gallery app (QuickPic users, take note) to boost your Android experience.

Memoria Photo gallery has many customization options. If you are looking for a clutter-free gallery app, your search ends with the Memoria Photo Gallery. Using a third-party gallery app means that you’d have to switch from the built-in editing suite to the one in the app. Made by developers of Apex Launcher, this weather app gives you detailed weather updates and reports. This app lets you add other cities to monitor the weather conditions, which you can access by swiping horizontally. As you already noticed, this app was developed to control older children. A parent couldn’t have control over their conversations, but they need to know what their kids are talking about to ensure their safety. If you know of others, we would love to hear about them. The one thing which I love about these apps is that if you use them long enough, they seamlessly become part of your usage. of them breeches your wall you lose a life.

For that you must specify the time in the app first. 9. HopStop – This app turns your iPhone into a public-transportation-sensitive GPS of sorts. “Your iPhone Has Been Compromised! Phone users can now install iPhone Magazine App that will bring up to date magazines in their hands. To get started, all you need to do is download our iPhone Tracker App to your kids’ or company owned iPhone. The most familiar (and common) way to connect to your iPhone is over Wi-Fi. Many iPhone spy apps require jailbreaking the target iPhone before they get installed. It works basically as a keylogger that captures every key stroke on the target device (kids’ phone) and allows you to remotely monitor it, without alerting or alarming the child. I fibbed and told Apple that my child is eight years old. Apple has long stopped advertising the iTunes Visualizer, but I still use it because it does an amazing job of relaxing me. For its first two models, Asus uses a standard rectangular dial, but still spends time with curved glass, polished metal and a body that looks as exquisite and professional as possible.